Dentures can be full and partial. Full dentures are the ones where the patient is missing all the teeth, whereas, in partial dentures, a patient is missing only some teeth. So in case of partial dentures, the original teeth should be healthy enough to support the new dentures, but if they are not healthy, they have to be fixed, which might take a few days. Here we will briefly talk about the whole procedure of making dentures and related things:

Creating dentures

The partial dentures usually take 4-5 visits to be made completely. It takes time because firstly an x-ray of your teeth is done to check their health and strength. Then proper impressions are created which form your dentures. Then there is a task of reshaping the teeth to give them a proper shape to fit the new dentures. The next stage is checking the reshaping and fixing the dentures, which are adjusted and worn. The dentist may require you to revisit to check your new dentures for any soreness.

What If they break?

It is to be noted that dentures can be break very easily. These can lead to some chips or fracture to the dentures. Your dentist can repair these if the damage is minimal. But if there is severe damage to the same, they have to be sent to the laboratory for repairs because they require special tools.

Getting used to dentures

It is possible that you might feel odd because of dentures in the initial stage, and it will take time for your mouth and tongue to get used to them. This can also have an impact on your everyday speech and might require you to practice for a couple of weeks to gain the same fluency back. Your mouth might also produce more saliva, but your brain will recognize the same and thereby produce less saliva. It is also advisable that you eat soft food as it might be a little uncomfortable for you to eat food as well.

How long will they last?

There is always a chance that your dentures will wear down so, your dentist may advise you to go for a partial denture repair service. If the damage is less, then the dentures can be repaired by your dentist only. It is to keep in mind that as you and dentures grow older, there are high chances of them being more susceptible to breakage and would also need more repair.

The need for partial denture repair

There is no need to be creative and repair them at home to save time and money using glue. This might lead to an unprofessional repair causing ill-fitting of the dentures, which might hurt your mouth. It is always advisable that if you lose or damage your dentures, then you should just go to your dentist. If even he is not able to repair them, then you must go to a dependable partial denture repair lab for the necessary repairs.