Cooking should also pay attention to health



Processing and cooking pasta

Flour processing methods are commonly steamed, boiled, fried, baked, grilled, etc., different production methods, the loss of nutrients different degrees. Generally steamed buns, dumplings, pancakes, the less loss of nutrients; cook noodles, dumplings, a large amount of nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin B2 and niacin can be integrated into the soup, so drink noodles and dumplings soup as much as possible; frying pasta, such as cakes, which will enable some vitamins almost completely destroyed, so eat less.

Rice cooking

Washing rice before processing it has lost more nutrients. According to the experimental results, the rice after ordinary washing, vitamin B1 loss rate reaches 40% to 60%, vitamin B2 and niacin will lose 23% to 25%. Wash more times, the higher the temperature, the longer the soak, the more the loss of nutrients. So when wash rice according to the cleanliness of the appropriate wash rice, do not rinse with water, do not use hot water, or do not rub.

Rice to cook better, eat porridge not eat soup will be maximum loss of nutrients, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and niacin to lose is more than 50%, in addition, will also lose some minerals.


Meat and fish dishes

Stewed or boiled in clear soup is the most vitamin loss, but allows water-soluble vitamins and minerals dissolved in the soup; steam may play partial hydrolysis on carbohydrate and protein, also can make water-soluble vitamins and minerals soluble in water, so should eat cooking meat or fish food together with the soup. Sauted pork is less loss of nutrients, fried food can be serious losses vitamins, but if the food surface with pastry, avoids contact with oil can reduce the loss of vitamins.

Cooking eggs

Steamed, boiled and scrambled nutrient is loss less, fried egg is vitamin loss greater.

Boiled eggs are the best way of eating, but beware slowly, otherwise it will affect the absorption and digestion. The steamed custard, and egg soup is most suitable for children, because two approaches can make protein degradation, easily digested and absorbed by children.

Vegetable practice

Vegetables are the main sources of vitamin C, carotene and minerals in dietary. Soak makes vitamin B and vitamin C loss, in the chopping process can also lose some vitamin C. So when you use running water to wash vegetables, can not be soaked in water, first wash then cut, do not cut too broken, eating soup when you eat; soup or boiled vegetables and other water when opened and then placed in dishes and do not over-squeeze water; vegetables are eaten instantly, avoid repeated.

Eat less barbecue food

Grilled foods are enticing aroma and delicious taste, but the food vitamin is a lot of damage after barbecue, fats, and proteins will suffer. Meat on the barbecue process can produce a mutagenic substances that can induce certain cancer. In addition, the barbecue will produce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases and dust, air pollution, so it is appropriate to less eat barbecue food.

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