Ive surfed from acne for most of my life. Ive always lookedfor ways to get rid of acne quick. I started to break out with acne in middleschool, and it got really bad in high school. I know first hand how much acnecan lower someones self esteem.

For years Ive tried everything from products Ive seen onTV to taken pills from a doctor. I saw very small gains, but the acne just keptcoming back time after time.

Finally I quick doing what doctors told me, and created myown formula on how to get rid of acne quick, and its worked for not only me,but some of my friends as well.

So here is my method of how to get rid of acne quick.

Believe it or not most of your acne on your face comes fromtouching your face a lot. I use to touch my face all the time, and most of thetime I didnt even realize I was doing it.

So this was the first thing I had to cut down on. After Istopped touching my face I saw a decrease in the amount of pimples I wasgetting in just three days.

Once I got the touching of my face under control I thenmoved on to washing my face. I like most people though if I wash my face more oftenthen surely enough I would get rid of my acne quick, but little did I know thatwasnt really working.

So what I did was I used an inexpensive acne face wash.First though I opened my skin pores by splashing some warm water on my face. ThenI applied the acne face wash to my face letting it sit about 60 seconds. Afterthat I then rinsed my face using warm water again.

Then I used a soft towel to pat my face dry. Once my facewas dried I then rinsed it again this time though using cold water to helpclose my pores. The only time I washed my face like this was in the morningafter I woke up. You could also try and do it before you go to bed. I thinkeither way will work.

Now its important to open your skins pores before you applyany acne face wash so it can get deep down in the pores to wash them out completely.Just remember to close your pores with cold water to help prevent any featuredirt or oil from getting back in them.

One last thing to be careful of though is, not to over washyour face. A lot of people make this mistake myself included, but doing thiscan lead to your face becoming very dry and peeling, and even make it itch. Ivedone this before and its not a great thing to do.

Now that you know my method of how to get rid of acne quick,I hope you put it to good use. As I said before my method has helped not onlyme, but some of my close friends as well, and I hope it can help you.