Magnetic Electricity Generator by Kali McCarthyIt’s pleasing to know that there is now technology that is able to produce free electricity by using magnets. But even more pleased that people were already using this technology and that building a magnetic electricity generator will cost under $150USD.Research has made it clear that there are many places online that offer free plans for building a magnetic electricity generator. They are extremely easy to build. Getting the material to build the magnetic generator can be found at any hardware storeand it should only take a couple of days to complete building it. The magnets are standard household magnets much like the ones you can find in stereo speakers.Are you confident that your free plans will work? There are a couple companies already selling them in bulk for a whopping $3000USD per unit. Dont take my word for it, do some research. Everyone wants to save money. And with something that will cost you less than $200, and being extremely easy to build, why would you buy the complete version? Spend less than $200, spend a couple days and make your own. Save thousands. That’s the whole reason to building your own magnetic electricity generator.Let’s face it. when you build your own magnetic electricity generator, you’ll save thousands and thousands of dollars over the years and probably make the spent money as soon as two months. It’s obvioiusly the best way to invest. The plans cost about $40USD and materials estimates about $150USD. Make it your weekend project. Show it off to your neighbors…maybe even build a few and sell.My team has done some research and hand picked the best four reliable magnetic generator son the market. you can find these here: Permanent Magnet Motor Generator * Here are the reasons we chose these plans: * Simple Step by Step Guide * Lifetime free customer support * Finished product requires less space * No harm to the enviornment * 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!This website has the top four magnetic electricity generators listed in order of the best. saved in 2009 by using a magnet generators. Why shouldnt you? Get your own Magnetic Electricity Generator PlansResearch Specialist for KaliReview.comArticle Source: