Sunday, April 15, 2007

Great Britain’s A1GP car.
New Zealand’s Black Beauty car in the middle.

A1 Team New Zealand has won the feature race at the A1 Grand Prix in Shanghai, China today, followed by A1 Team Great Britain and A1 Team Germany. The third place win for Germany has secured the 2006/2007 championship.

In qualifying for the sprint race, Great Britain’s driver Robbie Kerr managed to secure the pole position with the fastest lap time recorded this weekend. New Zealand’s driver, Jonny Reid, started in second position, narrowly missing out on what would have been his third pole position of the season. Third and fourth place starters are the United States and Germany respectively.

Great Britain managed to win the sprint race, thus securing a first place start in the feature race. During the entire sprint race, Great Britain were the leaders, with a “comfortable” lead, always maintaining their position in front of New Zealand. Germany replaced America, becoming the third place sprint-race winners.

During the feature race Jonny Reid, driving New Zealand’s Black Beauty car, passed Great Britain on lap number 16 of the 50-lap race.

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