Needleless Botox? Jacksonville Plastic Surgery Firm Watching Claims.


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Jacksonville facial plastic surgeons Dr. Phillip Garcia and Dr. Roberto Garcia are keenly watching the progress of a topically applied botulinum toxin type A (BoNTA) being developed by Revance Therapeutics and currently in Phase 3 clinical trials. Primary testing of the product, currently referred to by scientists as as RT001 Topical Gel, is for reduction of the appearance of crow\’s feet and hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). The product is designed to provide a painless alternative to treatment with Botox, one of the world\’s most recognized and widely used drugs.

\”Patients who have heard about this product and the trials are very excited,\” says Dr. Phillip Garcia of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery near Jacksonville, FL. \”Let\’s face it – no one is crazy about needles. If the Revance product proves effective and safe, it could have a huge potential for success.\”


Statistics show that botulinum toxin injections are the single largest aesthetic procedure performed in the U.S., but that only 10 percent of consumers considering cosmetic procedures actually undergo Botox treatments. That hesitant 90 percent are pushing the popularity of topical creams that contain ingredients like bee venom and claim to offer similar, though very short-lived results to Botox.

\”Barriers to broader consumer acceptance and further market growth include frozen face, needle aversion, side effects relating to injection, and variable results depending on physician skill,\” Revance Therapeutics officials said in a recent press release. \”RT001 Topical Gel could remove many of the barriers related to injection and appeals to 80% of consumers considering cosmetic procedures, having the potential to triple the market.\”

\”If you\’re walking out of a doctor\’s office with a frozen look, find another doctor,\” says Dr. Roberto Garcia, a partner in Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, noting that state laws determine who can legally administer Botox and many states are much more lax on requirements than others. \”When administered correctly, Botox in its current, injectable form can produce beautiful, natural-looking results.\”

That said, both Drs. Garcia agree that eliminating the needle, minimizing side effects and potentially doing away with that frozen look that occurs when Botox is administered by an under-skilled professional will prove strong selling points for the Revance product once it\’s commercially available.

Meanwhile, if you\’re considering Botox, Drs. Garcia recommend seeing only a reputable, board-certified physician. If you\’re in the Northeast Florida area, call Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery at 904-247-8522 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Phillip Garcia or Dr. Roberto Garcia today.

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