Timber cubby houses


Michael Aram

Cubby homes are small wooden homes that are designed for children to play in. These essentially give children an escape from the adults and are ideal as a \’den\’ or a hideout for them to play games and concoct plots. If you want to give your child the very best and most exciting gift they could imagine, then a cubby house has to be one of the very best.

The idea behind the cubby house s for it to be small but otherwise similar to a real house on the outside. To this end great care is often gone into their construction to make sure they look as real as possible. It\’s not uncommon for them to feature terraces, sloped roofs, windows and even multiple floors. Generally they will be too small to fit much in, but in some cases a table and some chairs might fit which allows your children to host dinner parties and to imagine having their own home.


Another exciting feature of some cubby homes is that they are raised off the ground. While many are at ground level in order to make them more like real homes, others will stand on large legs giving them the exciting sense of height that children enjoy and even making them similar to a tree house.

To some degree choosing the kind of cubby house to go for will depend on your child their age, their gender and their particular personalities. For instance if you have a little girl who enjoys playing happy families, then you might want to give her a cubby house that is similar to a real home so she can imagine being the \’Mum\’ and taking care of her children. Conversely if you have a son who is more into action films and adventure, then you might want to give them something that is more of a \’den\’ and that has different features as a result.

One way to make sure that your home is ideal for your child is to involve them in the decision process. However if you are trying to make it a surprise then this can be difficult. Instead then you could always try asking them to draw their \’dream house\’ or their \’dream den\’ and then use this as a reference when making that dream into a reality and choosing the right cubby house for them.

Most important of all however is of course your child\’s safety and you need to ensure that your child is as safe as possible when they are in the cubby home. Inspect the building for any sharp edges that could cause scratches, for anything that could cause splinters, and for any signs of structural weakness that could potentially lead to a collapse of some form. If there are stairs or a ladder or if the property is raise off the ground then it\’s important to ensure that your child can get in and out safely that there are handles and rails and that the house isn\’t too high up before your child is old enough to play safely.

All kids love to play in


. It is no wonder that there is such a demand for easy to build

timber cubby houses


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