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Achieving a fabulously lovely skin takes more than just skin care products. Healthy skin care habits and a healthy lifestyle are among the essentials in taking good care of the skin.

There are seven important skin care tips that every woman desiring to look her best should practice:

1.Using the right cleanser, and cleansing the face at least twice a day is very important. But what is far more important is the type of cleanser. For acne prone skin, a cleanser that contains acne fighting ingredients like salicylic acid is very essential. I would recommend IS Clinical Cleansing Complex for this purpose: it is also suitable for those with sensitive skin. Dry skin would call for a mild nourishing cleanser that can clean the face without causing it to dry too much. For people with dry skin, an appropriate cleanser would be the Obagi Nu Derm Gentle Cleanser.


2.Adjust your skin care products according to seasons. Humidity, heat and cold can take its toll on your skin. thus, rich and creamy skin care products are most appropriate for the winter season to counteract excessive dryness, while during summer a shift to light oil-free skin care products is recommended.

3.Wash your face before bedtime. After a day s exposure to pollutants and dirt, your skin needs a little unclogging. It is important to remove make-up from your face at nighttime or else it will clog the pores and induce acne. Use a proven effective cleanser or make-up remover to cleanse the face thoroughly prior to sleeping.

4.Get enough beauty sleep. It is during sleep wherein the body exerts maximal effort in rejuvenating, and generating new skin cells. Lack of sleep can induce dehydration, which leads to fluid retention, and therefore puffy eyes. Since the skin is stretched due to the fluid, disappearance of the fluid eventually will subsequently result to wrinkles and dark under eye circles. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Take at least eight hours of deep sleep every day, a sleep that is undisturbed and continuous. Aside from that, you can also use Kinerase Under Eye Rescue for help. It works by improving the eye s appearance, reducing puffiness and diminishing dark circles.

5.Go for Vitamin C enriched skin care products. Vitamin C provide a wide array of skin care benefits, one of these is providing total protection against the sun s ultraviolet rays when used in conjunction with sunscreens. Serums that contain L-ascorbic acid, a potent derivative of Vitamin C, is easily absorbed topically. An example of a product that would work in this area is iS Clinical Poly-Vitamin Serum, working by regenerating, hydrating and providing the essential vitamins to the skin.

6.Customize your anti-aging skin care products. Choose a product that will really work on your skin, not that you would just get any product with a nice endorser. Recognize your skin s demands and work on it, not awaiting the first signs of aging to take place before you take your move. Use skin care products that target your problem, and do measures to avoid surfacing another. It would be better to use trial products first before going on with a purchase.

7.Consult your dermatologist for the recommended skin care products. Healthcare providers always know best. So in order to understand your skin s demands the more, schedule a visit to your doctor.

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