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A Palm Beach divorce attorney represents clients in the Palm Beach area who are ending their marriage and who want to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements for a fast and fair divorce. A Palm Beach divorce attorney provides a number of different types of legal services depending upon the needs of the individual client.

How a Palm Beach Divorce Attorney Can Help

A divorce attorney can assist clients who are interested in an uncontested divorce in Florida. This is often the easiest and lowest cost solution for people who are ending their marriages, and a divorce attorney can help make an uncontested divorce possible. An uncontested divorce is a divorce wherein you and your spouse are able to agree on all issues and just have a judge sign off on the settlement you prepare. An experienced divorce attorney will negotiate the issues with your spouse’s divorce lawyer, giving you the best chance of successfully coming to a settlement. Your divorce attorney will then draft the legal paperwork for you to make the divorce happen.


When an uncontested divorce is not possible, a divorce attorney will help with all aspects of a litigated divorce. This can include:

Assisting you during the discovery process to find assets that your spouse may be hiding (including helping you to find a forensic accountant to uncover financial improprieties).

Helping you to prove that you are the primary caregiver and/or that you can provide a more stable and loving home environment for your child so you can convince the court to provide you with the custody arrangement that you are looking for.

Helping you to litigate on issues of property, spousal and child support so you can have a fair division of marital assets and receive the support that you need to get back on your feet.

A litigated divorce is typically much more expensive than an uncontested divorce, so your divorce attorney will normally help you to consider other alternatives before things rise to the level of litigation. This may even include assisting you in finding a mediator to help you to work out your issues, or facilitating a collaborative divorce that will allow you and your spouse the chance to try to resolve your differences.

Getting Help

Regardless of whether you ultimately decide that a litigated divorce is the best choice or whether you are able to come to a settlement agreement, the ultimate job of a Palm Beach divorce attorney is to represent your legal rights and to provide you with information on what your options are during your divorce. Your attorney will use his expert knowledge of Florida divorce laws to advise you on how to achieve the best possible settlement, and will negotiate on your behalf and otherwise represent your interests. By having this strong legal advocate as you move through the court system, you can ensure that you end your marriage in a way that allows you to effectively move on with your life, with your finances and dignity in tact.

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