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You have to watch out for scams when you are looking for home based business opportunities. Shady individuals will try hard to promise you ways of getting rich online, but if they are so rich then why are they trying to sell you something to make money? Many people discover that the secret to making a good living online is not to get rich by working an hour or so a day. The secret to making money online is by working hard and not trying to cut corners. Here are the types of work from home for extra income

Write Articles

There are so many work from home opportunities available on the Internet and writing articles is one of the best income opportunities for those with average to excellent writing skills. Webmasters and business owners usually need content for their websites and articles for SEO purposes. The payment for a 500-word article depends on your level of writing skill and how much you charge clients. While some earn $3-5 a piece, others earn up to $25.

Design Graphics


If you have the talent to design banners, headers, logos and other graphics, you can find a lot of work from online job websites like oDesk, eLance, Guru, and the like. You can also join contests on websites like 99Designs. You can earn a staggering $300-1000 for a winning design. If clients really love your work, they will keep asking you for more.

Take Calls

Call center agents can earn money straight from home answering calls or calling prospective business clients. Telemarketers may be shunned by a lot of people, but the pay for one sale alone really does pay off. If you have the talent to converse with multiple people in a day and love to help them with issue they have or love to sell them products or services, then being a call center agent is not such a bad idea.

Be A Virtual Assistant

The work of a virtual assistant varies depending on the work of the client who hires him or her. It can involve writing letters, responding to emails, marketing, taking phone calls, and the like. Sometimes, the work involves tasks similar to office secretaries. Pay is usually hourly or on a salary basis.

Build Websites

You can build websites for clients who pay a lot of money or you can create your own money-making sites. Internet marketing is one of the hottest work at home opportunities today. You can make money selling other people\’s products or sell your own if you have an excellent eBook or product line to sell. These 5 work from home opportunities are only some of the most common, but there are other types of jobs online that you can exploit.

The internet is a vast field of possibility and the more seeds that you sow, the more likely that you are to get a return come harvest time. While you may be tempted to toss caution to the wind, resign your position at your day job and invest everything that you own into the current and happening affiliate marketing opportunity, don\’t. Your started position should be confident, calm and above all, well-researched.

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Work From Home Opportunities For Extra Income

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