instructions on How to utilize Laptop Internet card by AshfaqYou can forver use a wireless laptop internet card anytime anywhere to access the internet, regardless of your location, you will be able to access also 802.11g network or 802.11b network, even both at the same time depending on the type of Laptop Internet card you procured. Laptop Internet cards are plug and play so it is easy to set them up in your laptop. You can share your laptop internet resources by simply fixing your laptop internet card to your laptop. Laptop internet card are wireless internet cards which boost mobile internet performances through its HSPA technology, it also enables the transfer of large emails while you are on the move. Laptop Internet card Supports critical internal applications wirelessly and gives you an instant access to corporate applications and data bases. You can send and receive data in a real-time, it is compatible with most Windows-based systems and makes you stay connected with your office, home and other places. Since the Laptop Internet card enables you to have access to the wireless LAN which is frequently referred to as the 802.11b, you will have WIFI wireless access point or peer-to-peer group base station that is running very close to your direct environment. A randomly allocate IP address that is using a DHCP server will be allocated to your laptop when you connect to the TCP/IP protocol of a near WIFI wireless access. The firmware version that is incorporated in the Laptop internet card enables you to advance its functionality and make sure that it is up-to-date. The best probable Way to start using a Laptop internet card is to plug in the Wireless Internet Laptop Card into the PCMIA slot and then configure your operating system Windows, vista or any other. This will allow you get access to the WLAN network. The advantage of your Laptop internet card is that you will avoid the traditional l wired Ethernet interface card and cables which make the use of Internet cumbersome. Full end-to-end connectivity of your internet is achieved if you ensure that your firewall is correctly configured. By doing this, your privacy and data are secured from hackers, viruses and spy wares.The author is a certified in Wireless Technology setup, he has several years of wireless technology set up and trouble-shooting on basic and complex wireless problems. He wrote various article on Aircard rental and Wireless internet cards rental for traveler laptops . Alioua offer a rental service on all internet accessories on Article Source: