byAlma Abell

We all live busy lives, with work, the home, family demands, etc there is hardly time enough to take a deep breath let alone fit in an appointment with your dentists in Yorktown Heights NY. Never forget; your dentist is on the front line when it comes to maintaining your overall oral health, keeping to a six months schedule is extremely important, otherwise you jeopardize the health of your teeth and gums.

The reasons why regular dental visits are important:


Early diagnosis of potential problems:

  • Dental problems start small; in many cases you won’t know there is a problem until your experience pain. The only way to avoid significant decay and gum problems is to see your dentists in Yorktown Heights NY every six months for a routine checkup and professional cleaning. Regular visits will help with the diagnosis and treatment in the early stages of any dental problem.

Professional cleaning:

  • The recommendation is to clean your teeth after every meal and floss daily. Even though you may follow these recommendations, it is often not enough. During regular visits the dental hygienist will remove any built up plaque or tartar that is difficult to reach and make recommendations on how to improve your daily oral health routine if need be.

Gum disease:

  • Tooth problems often lead to gum problems. Gum problems can quickly expose your teeth and even your jaw bone to serious problems. Many gum problems can easily be corrected if identified early enough.

Ignoring dental problems is the worst thing you can do, they never get better without professional intervention. It is not only your teeth and gums that are at risk, it is suspected that poor dental hygiene also is a contributing factor in heart disease stroke and certain cancers.

Seeing your dentists in Yorktown Heights NY twice a year is the best way to ensure that your teeth and gums are kept in the best condition. You are invited to make an appointment with Northeast Dental, PLLC.