Nowadays, keeping pets become more and more common and even a kind of fashion trend. Lots of people regard pets as their good friends. In a certain degree, it is good because animals are good friends of human beings, if we treat them as our friends; at least we begin to protect them rather than kill them. Besides, with the development of society, people are apt to have fewer friends. Therefore, pets become the best companion for large numbers of human beings. Actually, keeping pets also has advantages and disadvantages; we should keep animals in an appropriate way. People now have a better life than before; as a result, pets also begin to enjoy a better life. When humans wear luxurious clothes, exquisite accessories, their lovely animals are no exception. Now, many pets’ owners provide luxurious living place, beautiful clothes and even delicate accessories such as opal beads rather than wholesale Pandora beads. Some people even supply big meal and top beauty for their beloved dogs or cats. What’s more, many luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada and LV design fashionable clothes for pets. It is no exaggeration that the life of many pets now is much better than some human beings. In Italy, there is a dog fashion accessories shop, which specializes in expensive jewelry for dogs. The lowest commodity is 30000 euros. A pet is a source of happiness and healthy life. Pets can brings us tremendous fun and also achieve the effect of treatment of diseases. It is conductive to mental health; it can reduce stress and increase efficiency. Second, some lonely older persons can get rid of loneliness through mutual communication with pets so as to make life more fulfilling. Third, pets can develop children’s sense of responsibility and care as well as social abilities. Keeping small animals gives children a sense of understanding and sympathy for the animals. In a word, keeping pets has great benefit for the growth of children. More importantly, pet dogs can protect the family; the entire family will have a sense of security. If only the elderly at home, when the accident occurs, pet can alarm if it get training. On the other hand, pet is easy to spread diseases, for example, pet dogs and cats are the most susceptible to infect and carry the rabies virus. The accident that pet bites people is very common now, which causes physical and mental harm to the people. The high cost of treatment and immunity increases financial burden on breeders. Pet also causes harm to the environment, since most of the pet owners have a poor environmental awareness, the rubbish pets produce seriously pollute our living environment. Pets also affect the neighborhood; pets’ sounds affect the life of neighbors, which would give rise to unnecessary disputes. In addition, pets will spend a lot of money, so it will increase the economic burden of families.