Have you ever wondered why the head of a company gets paid somuch more than for example, specialists in the company such asan engineer? Is it because he knows every job in the company?No I don’t think so. He may have a general idea about what isgoing on in every department but that usually is it.I believe it is because he knows or is supposed to know how tolead, organize, manage and bring together, different units toefficiently function as one. I call such a person a mastermindand I believe that anyone can become one.As a mastermind you don’t need to know everything about acompany or an area of business you wish to venture in. Alittle bit is helpful but not necessary.People think to become spectacularly successful you need to behighly educated or a genius. I will show you in this shortarticle that you don’t need either to become successful beyondyour wildest dreams in any area you may choose.Let me give you a real-life example of someone who didn’t knoweverything yet achieved a lot in many different areas. I’msure you’ve heard of British billionaire Sir Richard Branson.One of the first ventures that Branson got involved in was themusic industry. Was he a musician? No! Did he know how themusic industry worked? No! He didn’t know much about the musicindustry except perhaps that there was a lot of money to be made.Branson started Virgin Records and made a lot of money in ashort time. Next he launched an airline called VirginAtlantic. Following this Branson launched a number of otherventures including a soft drink, Virgin Cola, as well asFitness clubs. Did Branson know a lot about these industrieshe got involved in? The answer is again no!So as the example of Sir Richard Branson clearly illustrates,you can venture into virtually any industry and make a successof it without knowing too much about it. All you need is theability to identify needs and to capitalize on them coupledwith a fervent desire to succeed.How is this possible you may ask? Let me tell you how and whythis is possible! There are and always will be people withskills and qualifications who will need someone to providethem with a job. As a mastermind you can become that someone.We all know what happened after September 11, when airlinesand other firms started to downsize. Thousands and thousandsof highly qualified people were laid off to roam the streetslooking for jobs. Thousands more left college and joined thethousands already on the streets hoping to find a job. Thosewho are already masterminds capitalized on this opportunityand if you were one, you could too.Here’s what you need to do in order to become a mastermind: a.. First you need to identify a need in the marketplace or elsewhere b.. Set-up the framework to capitalize on that need (company) c.. Find the people with the skills (victims of downsizing, college graduates) d.. Trigger the demand by advertising your service/product e.. Supply the resulting demandIn the end you create a win-win situation for all. As a mastermindyou identify a need and exploit the skills of these highly qualified individuals. They in turn get a job, which they didn’t have and for which they and their families will be eternally grateful to you. There’s a great need for individuals to become masterminds andpositively change not only their own lives, but also of manyothers whose lives would otherwise not change.Do you want to become a mastermind? Then go and become it!